Matthew Visyak's Domain


Painting is another form of expression that I enjoy. Starting from water color at a young age, I admired what could be accomplished with a blank canvas and a selection of paint. Of the different kinds of paint, I would have to say that acrylic seems to be my choice because of its quick drying time.

I have recently learned the art of oil painting from my grandmother. This medium has its strong point in the ability to blend sections of the painting a long time after you paint them. This allows you to work the whole canvas during the process and not have to worry about the drying time. On the other hand, these paintings take a while to finally dry and set once you are finished. This can be a pain when you need to find a safe place to store it for a week.

As with Drawing, my subject matter varies from still life to imaginary. I have even explored the use of alternative methods to create a painting. One good example is in College when an assignment dictated that I had to use a non-traditional method of painting. In this work I choose to explore the subject matter of sex and violence. For this project I crafted a leather whip to paint with, as opposed to the normal brush.