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Super Mario World Ė Special Levels and All 96 Exits Completed

Air Date: February 3, 2016

In this video I load up a classic SNES game from my childhood with all of the levels completed. I start up a saved game and defeat bowser for the complete ending, which features the transformed enemy roster.

On the title screen you will notice that the 96 has a star to the right of its entry indicating that all of the stage exits have been found. Since the last completed was funky in the special area, beyond the star road I decide to exit to the left to return to the beginning of the game. You will notice that the landscape has taken on the form of fall instead of the normal lush green summer terrain. This is a result of completing the special levels. This also spawns different versions of the common enemies in the games. For example masked koopas will take the place of the koopa troopas and bullet bills will be transformed into pidget bills.

From this point I travel to bowsers castle by going to the donut plains and entering the star road below the haunted house level. From here it is a short trek to the front of bowsers castle. I decided to enter the front of the castle to be sporting.

From here, the easiest and seemingly quickest path is to go into doors 2 and 5. In the second door I just hop onto the fence and move to the top. From there you can simply climb all the way to the right with only four fireballs to content with since the koopa troopas are on the opposite side of the fence. Almost all of the fireballs will go right past you if you hold down the right direct and climb at the top of the fence. I always halt slightly for the second fireball but going at normal speed you will also waltz in between the other two crisscrossing fireballs. Then it is just a matter of jumping down from the fence once you clear the spikes on the floor and enter the door.

Next immediately enter door 5 which has thwomps and spiked columns protruding from the ceiling. Wait at the beginning, letting the spiked columns plunge into the ground. If you count the left hand side spikes on the left most column you will see it goes three spikes deep into the ground. I hold down the sprint button and get ready for it to start retracting back into the ceiling. Once this happen I start counting the left hand spikes reappear ion the left hand side of the column. When you see the second spike come up start running and you will clear the columns and thwomps, arriving at the far end of the room safety. Take the door to enter the final dark corridor to arrive at bowser.

Bower is pretty straight forward, requiring you to nail him on the upper exposed areas above the clown ship six times in total with the Mecha-Koopas he tosses out intermittently. His tactics change every two hits so three volleys will do the trick if your aim is true. The flames that appear in between each round are easy to avoid if you pick a spot and donít panic. You will be able to see if you need to move over a spot as the flames descend. The tricky spot is to get both hits on bowser third form since he is only stunned briefly and you normally have to run under him to get the other mecha-koopa during this brief period.

At any rate, I manage to nail Bowser all six times without missing or taking a hit during the process. During the end you will be able to see the updated enemy roster from completing the star road and getting all 96 exits.