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The Legend of Zelda No Sword, No Rings, 3 Hearts, and No Death or Continues Challenge (First Quest)

Air Date: November 18, 2011

In this challenge I will be using the GameCube Collector's Legend of Zelda "Engagement Proposal" edition of the game for the challenge. Yeah, I proposed to my wife using the character entry screen of Zelda as the end of a scavenger hunt (I had to consequently erase the data from my initial challenges to make this happen).

After much practice I happened to do a complete run through all the way up to Ganon at the end of the game with no sword, no blue or red rings, only three hearts of life, and without dying or using the in game (retry / save / continue) function. I was surprised to actually pull it off but came very close to losing on a couple occasions throughout the quest. Generally I found that there were two parts which could either make or break the run and those are the acquisition of the magic wand and beating level 6 in a single go and getting the silver arrow from level 9 without running out of bombs on the return trip (which is why I usually started taking out the wizzrobes in the room with the passage opening so I could retreat if necessary. Ganon is unbeatable without a sword so the journey ends when I arrive in his lair.

This run is a whole 3 hours and 45 minutes. In the beginning my decisions seem a little sluggish cause I was still breaking in the directional d pad on the game cube controller and I was sobering up from some weekend recreation. If you are crazy enough to watch the entire thing be my guest, otherwise I have bookmarked the highlights below:

Level 1 -- Bow and Triforce Piece#1 ( 16:14 )
Level 2 -- Triforce Piece#2( 27:40 )
Level 3 -- Raft and Triforce Piece#3( 35:23 )
Level 4 -- ladder conquest( 47:21 )
Level 5 -- Extra Bombs, Recorder, and Triforce Piece#4( 1:18:51 )
Level 7 -- Extra Bombs, Red Candle, and Triforce Piece#5( 1:50:42 )
Level 6 -- Magic Wand and Triforce Piece#6( 2:16:52 )
Level 8 -- Triforce Piece#7( 2:43:25 )
Level 4 -- "Almost Forgotten" Triforce Piece#8( 2:57:14 )
Level 9 -- Patra Eradication Quest ( 3:07:24 )
Level 9 -- Silver Arrow Campaign( 3:21:38 )
Level 9 -- Final journey to Ganon( 3:36:53 )