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Actraiser - Final Battles at Death Heim and Ending on Normal Mode

Air Date: Jaunary 24, 2014

During this run I tried to get the highest scores on each action stage and then completed the final battles to win the game. Completing the stages in a little unorthodox manner I managed to get the best score I could utilizing all obtainable extra lives on stages where there were not 1ups. In 10 out of 12 of the action stages there are portions where you can kill monsters, collect a 1up, let time run out or die, and then complete the loop again until you max out your score at 99,990. In the video I display my action stage scores for those who are interested before getting down to business with the final battles.

Near the end of the game I choose to complete the second Northwall stage involving the accent up the tree because it had a 1up loop before completing the second act of Aitos. This action seemed to have glitch me out of my 7th source of magic. I say glitch because you normally beat the boss and get the "Thank you for destroying the monsters...Please make other lands as peaceful as Aitos" message and then you get the "We started exploring the mountains we will let you know if we find anything" message, which eventually leads to the discovery of a source of magic. Instead of getting the second unique message I got the initial message twice. Yes they said the exact same thing on both interruptions and then you saw people in the mountains but I never got the confirmation that they found the source of magic. Oh well, didn't really need it during the final battle anyway.

You will not that I die on purpose after besting the first six monsters during the death heim battles. I decided I wanted the Health replenishment since I had lives to spare. The last battle with Tanzra is not too tough provided you remember to take care of some of his projectiles. Basically he will fire two sets of these homing blue and orange pair projectiles at you. I stand in front of him and slash the first pair, killing the blue projectile. He circles back around for another pass and I position myself underneath of him and slash at the second set of projectiles which appear behind my character. This time the orange one is destroyed, leaving you with just a single pair to deal with. Next he will start tossing three sets of orange balls at you that you can walk between. Because you are moving the homing projectiles from the previous round will start to close in on you. If they get close usually I try to slash at them instead of dodging. At this point he will open his blue vulnerable point at which point I start slashing away, avoiding anything else, in a standing position. After a couple seconds I will duck and continue slashing. This is done because your character is quicker with his sword while standing and you get more hits in during the vulnerable interval. Also during this slashing frenzy the last pair of homing projects has a tendency to get caught within your striking range and is removed from the screen.

After he is defeated I let the complete ending play through and the credits.