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Beyond the Beyond - Abyss Dungeon, Final Battles, and Ending

Air Date: June 2, 2012

In this leg of the jouney I begin at the save spot in the town of Quamdar and head toward the abyss in the southwest. Once there I enter the shrine and defeat Yeon. Apparently the Resist Orb that I have been carrying around can increase your defense from magic attacks in all battles after you use it as I have found out after the battle with Yeon. Wish I would have known that earlier. After Yeon I show my entire progress through the Abyss which requires you to take both the orb of light and orb of darkness down to the bottom on separate trips.

After this errand running we fight the combined forces of Shutat and Ramue. I kind of got worked over a little during this fight when Shutat threw a curve ball and cast silence on my party members. After this fight I got to battle Akkadias who seemed like a cake walk as long you keep your health up during his Soul Blast spell spamming.

In the end I let the full ending play through along with the credits