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Brave Fencer Musashi - Soda Fountain Level Walkthrough and Ending

Air Date: October 24, 2011

In this video I begin at the point where you need to go to Steamwood forest to get the final sky scroll for the Lumina sword. Here I arrive a bit early and decide to sleep until 7:00AM on Sky day morning when it starts to rain. Basically this is the time and day where you must activate the wind seal in the forest to be transported up to the Sky ruins.

Once you get the Sky scroll Soda Fountain decides to pay a visit and Musashi hitches a ride on board before the floating fortress sucks the energy out of the Sky Ruins, sending it to the ground. Once inside Soda Fountain I fight through each level defeating the Leader’s Force Bosses: Ben, Ed, and Topo. Topo is kind of a weird boss because all you do is have a dance off with her DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) style. I consider leg three of the soda fountain one of the most epic stages in the entire game, which is why I decided to record the entire run rather than just the final show down.

After battling the last crest guardian, the tower of death, you locate the last seal .Finally you get to Furer Flatski near the end and must save princess Fillet. It is here that Colonel Capriccola reveals himself as thirst quencher’s prince, Jon, and gets capped by Rootrick. After some dialog and ordeal Flatski unseals the wizard of darkness from the sword Lumina and you must make your escape from the immediate danger.

The wizard assimilates Kojiro along the way and continues to pursue Musashi as he climbs the tower to rescue the princess and engage his final battles. You never really get to fight the first form of the dark wizard but have to content with Dark Lumina Second form and Dark Lumina Finale. Both of these are pretty easy if you know how to handle them. The second form always does a round house tail sweep on his forth step. The basic strategy is to strife around him and then double jump in front of him over the tail sweep. This will put you in position to do another double jump and smack him in the gem on his nose with Lumina. After four swipes his gem will be bright red and he will either spew out three iterations of flames or jump in the air and disperse two shock waves. These are your moments to edge your way inward and deliver a hit at his core to take life away.

The final form is not too bad as long as you continue to strife and dodge his attacks, edging you way to the center of the platform where he will appear after each attack. At this time you can charge up your fusion blade and assimilate his form. Once Musashi assimilates the boss, the core will be open and you will be able to land a blow with Lumina. Once you land that blow retreat a safe distance from the gravity well that ensues.

After this the end plays through along with the credits.