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Breath of Fire III - Final Battle with Myria and Ending

Air Date: September 22, 2013

In this video I begin the game from the final save spot in the Myria Station, after all of the boss revisit battles. From here you go down through a passageway to locate the final rooms before Myria where your party is bombarded with the Goddesses propaganda. Once you finally meet up with her you have a good amount of dialog and then begin the final battle.

In the final battle I prefer to use Rei and Momo because of their attack increasing abilities and agility, which places them near the beginning of the battle attack order. I also opted to use the Myrmadon warrior form of the dragon (trace + force genes) rather than the controlled inifinity form. The reason is that this form has a slightly higher attack power and also spends way less AP per turn than infinity would. The attack of choice is Aura which is good for 1,300 to 1,800 per hit, depending on the current attack up buffs.

For some reason the Goddess laid off of the Venom attacks during this particular run which surprised me. Rei died toward the end of the battle before I was able to revive him with the next turn because Myria was defeated first. However since this is the end of the game I didn't really care. Besides you don't have to deal with the temporary Max HP reduction or missing out on the experience points like the other bosses.