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Breath of Fire - Good Ending and Obelisk Dungeon Walkthrough

Air Date: August 18, 2013

In this play through I begin in Tunlan and fly to the floating obelisk dungeon where the final battles await and the freshly released Goddess. Once Mogu digs his way into the entrance of the obelisk with the "I. Claw" and the master digger's technique, the party falls into the dark depths. Once in the space themed area you must work your way around the maze to find Goda who will be standing out on the open waiting for you to arrive. I took the scenic Route to the get flame hammer even though it is less powerful than the equipped Mallet.

Goda will give you one warning and walk off to the left. Throwing caution to the wind I proceeded to tail him until the second meeting. Here he busts out of a wall and begins a battle with your party. My offensive choices for most of the fights are the same for all of the battles with the exception of the Goddess. These are Ryu, Karn in his Puka transformation, Bleu, and Nina. For this fight I have Ryu change into the Rudra dragon (you could also do Agni if you really want to wail away on him.) Bleu will exclusively cast Bolt X and Karn will continuously attack, hoping of course for the rolling slam attack. This leaves Nina as the team's healer should Goda whittle anyone down into the red HP status. Using this formation he will fall pretty quick allowing you to progress further into the dungeon.

After meandering your way through the obelisk you will arrive at an area with red carpeting, meaning Jade is up ahead guarding the elevator to Tyre from his throne. If you want you can barter with Jade for a diversion where he will offer you a town or two to keep you appeased as his henchman. This is a loop though and the only way to proceed gamewise is to tell him no which will engage him in battle. For this battle I mainly have Ryu attack as his human form because Jade tends to spike him a couple times with Shock, effectively making any long term dragon transformation futile. The Bleu and Karn strategies are the same here where they will be casting Bolt X and attacking respectively. Nina will of course be in charge of healing the party up with her multi-target CuraX spell or picking up a downed Ryu from the a successful shock spell hit. This battle will take a while and you might have to restore MP in the middle of the battle, I brought the water jar explicitly for this task. One consideration would be to keep Ryu's MP above 120 to allow for two Agni transformations that he will need shortly.

Once Jade bites it he will talk about his destiny to lose and blow up. After the battle you will find the Emperor sword by examining his throne area, which will serve you better than the tri-rang weapon in the battles that come. Stepping on the elevator to descends your party into the Godesses' domain. At this point you will want to revert Karns Puka form before engaging the Goddess because this will prevent you from using Agni.

Once all the prepartions have been made, engage in dialog to initiate a battle. I prefer to fight this battle out in order to get the Sara dialog scene. For the first fight you can just set auto battle because she will just float in place and cry, concluding the battle when you drop her into the purple HP status. After some dialog Sara will tell you to use Agni and you will engage a most hostile form of the floating girl. During this fight use Agni and strike her once to terminate the battle. This will return you to the dialog screen where she will get pissed and transform into her true form. Once you begin the battle cast Agni and strike her twice. The message will come up stating the Goddess is intrigued and her second wind will take the rest of the fight where the two of you will trade hits until one drops. I usually put the game on auto battle here until your HP fall below 200HP. At this time I use a cure item to replenish my life and return to the auto battle cycle. The battle shouldn't last long after you second break to replenish your HP.

After the battle the ending plays through with the good ending and the credits.