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Chrono Trigger Beyond Time Ending #01 (balloon ride)

Air Date: April 24, 2010

This is the other ending that can be obtained the first time through the game. You achieve this ending by defeating Lavos via means of taking the Epoch to the year 1999 and ramming it into Lavos. In this version Crono’s mom will not run through the time gate after the cats. Marle and Crono ride off on a volley of balloons at the end during the credits.

As stated before, I played this game on the Playstation’s “Final Fantasy Chronicles” re-release of the game which featured additional anime style scenes. I show this ending from the nearest save point which also involves the drawn out fight with Lavos but I also understand some viewers want to see just the ending so I have made available the timestamps of the game, along with the links to various points of interest. It is also worth mentioning that these endings are labeled to correspond with the playstation version of the game accessed in the extras section.