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Chrono Trigger - Dream Project Ending #03

Air Date: July 2, 2010

This is the first new ending that is encountered during the “New Game Plus” mode and quite literally allows you to engage Lavos 5 minutes into the game. Basically start a new game plus and head to the fairgrounds. Once you meet Marle go talk to the woman sitting on the fountain and then head straight for Lucca’s Telepad located in the northern most portion of the fair. As soon as Lucca finishes her introduction and you are free to move, go touch the flashing light on the right telepad device to open up a hidden time gate, which leads directly to lavos.

In this battle it is just you and Marle, which effectively makes it one of the harder battles with lavos. If you play it defensively you shouldn’t have too much trouble. I let Marle handle the status enhancements and curing roles. One good thing about arriving at Lavos this way is that you start directly at the final battle with his head without having to go through all 9 “Lavos changes attack mode” scenarios.

There is a second way to obtain this ending. When you are first pitted against lavos at the ocean palace in the story line, you can defeat him to arrive at this ending. Normally he defeats you at this point but with high enough levels and armor you can survive the onslaught.