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Crystalis Final Battle With Emperor Draygon and the Flying Tower

Air Date: June 18, 2016

I begin the Video in the town of Sahara ready for my final journey to the pyramid to fight with Emperor Draygon. I take the time to showcase my current inventory and equipment before the journey. Basically I have all of the swords with their accompanying bracelets and spells. My character is equipped with psycho armor and the matching shield. I also have a fully stocked item repository, many of which had to be obtained after selling lesser items to make room during the quest. All of these were found over the course of the adventure. I tend to favor keeping fruits of repun in case things go sour in the pyramid stages where enemy spells can turn you into a slime, magic rings, and opel statues.

I equip the warrior ring and leave the town for the basement of the pyramid, located above and slight to the right of the main entrance. From here I dispatch the statues of the moon and sun with the appropriate bows.

Once inside I like to just fly over or avoid the enemies as I progress toward my destination. It seems to utilize less resources than to stick around and fight these bothersome enemies. The video shows the most efficient path through the maze. If you are flying the shape transforming spells cannot reach you.

Before the fight with the Emperor you have an enemy free foyer where you could rest with the psycho armor and Dao’s pendant if you needed to recharge your life and magic before the fight. When you climb the stairs I like going to the right or left side before scrolling up enough to start the fight. This is because the Emperor will immediately lunge down at you if you are directly below him. This gives you more time to use the bow of truth to reveal his true form. To put him away you will need to equip the power ring, be at level 16, and hit him with the storm bracelet when his red jewel is uncovered. This happens when he pauses to fire lasers out at you. After a couple successful lighting storms, he will fall and you will gain access to the Tower after some dialogue.

In the tower I make use of the warrior bracelet and comb each floor from one side to the other blasting away at the robots. There really isn’t much more to it. If you stay to the bottom of each floor the moving gun turrets will not appear on the screen, saving you the extra work of dispatching each one or dodging their fire. You can judge this by making sure their rails, that they move back and forth on, do not show.

Crystalis Sword Bracelet Glitch

When you reach the place where you need to relinquish all four swords to form Crystalis you can keep the level three charge by exploiting a glitch as shown in the video. If you charge up your sword to the third bracelet level before giving the swords to Mesia, you will see that Crystalis now has a bracelet level charge point. The trick to keep it is that you must keep the sword charged before exiting or entering any room, before engaging in any dialog, and not going into your inventory. The best thing to do is keep your finger pressed on the A button and progress through the dialog by tapping the B button. The charged form does not seem to do any additional damage to DYNA but it is a fun little trick.

In the final battle at the top of the tower there is a safe spot at the bottom just to the left of the eye where you have to hit DYNA to harm it. You can see the exact spot in the video. In this location you will be able to pass between the bullets from the left gun turret and the lasers will never reach you that cross in the center of the room. At this point you are free to hammer away at the boss with the warrior ring and Crystalis for an easy victory.

After the battle I let the ending credits play through and the ending.