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Dark Cloud - Ending with all Six Required Boss Battles

Air Date: September 21, 2008

I complete Dark Cloud for the Playstation 2. In this footage I defeat all of the six main bosses in Dark Cloud which include Dran, Master Utan, La Saia, King’s Curse, Minotaur Joe, and both forms of the Dark Genie. In the battles with Master Utan, King’s Curse, and Minotaur Joe, I defeated the boss without taking a single hit. In the battle with La Saia I did not take any damage. I still got hit but the shots were all zeros.

I include some of the beginning cinema scenes along with some of the interleaved boss story scenes to add a narrative grounding point for each boss. I recorded the ending of the game along with the credits.

Dran the Divine Beast

Masterutan the Forest Keeper Without Getting Hit

La Saia the Ice Queen No Damage

King's Curse Without Getting Hit

Minotaur Joe Without Getting Hit

This game is pretty fun. You have an amazing amount of control over the customization and evolution of both your character and your weapons. Getting thirsty in the dungeon still sucks but for the most part this game has a lot to offer.

Even though I beat this game, I still want to perform a challenge of completing the game with the least amount of trips into the dungeon. Trust me this is a lot harder than it sounds because you have to go prepared to make the most out of each dungeon trip and to keep your weapons leveled. I also defeated the dark knight at the bottom of the Demon Shaft bonus dungeon without getting hit.