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Dot Hack G.U. Redemption - Marriage (Forever in love / Best Wishes) Event Quests

Air Date: March 31, 2012

In this video I complete all of the marriage event / Friends Forever Quests with all the optional characters in the game. This is one of those post game quests that appear in which you are able to initiate a ceremony with any character that has the highest degree of affect with Haseo, which is pink status with five rotating balls around the central one. Once you get the marriage email read and obtain a second email from aura you now have the promise card which makes things happen.

The times of each ending are as follows:

Basically I just start by initiating an email contact with a character. Next I log into the world to progress the email along and get a response formulated. Immediately I log back out to get to the desktop space, and then answer the reply which sets up a meeting at the Mac Anu gate. From here I go meet the character and obtain the ending sequence. Once the ending concludes you are tossed back to the desktop operating area where I reload the previous save and then repeat the process for another character.