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Dot Hack Quadriliogy Part 2 - (Includes Infection, Mutation, Outbreak, and Quarantine Games)

Air Date: June 7, 2008

This video serves as the conclusion of the The Cursed Wave - Dot Hack Quadrilogy video. The last four major battles all come from the dot hack quarantine game for the playstation 2. The bosses are Macha – the temptress, Tarvos – the avenger, Cubia, and Corbenik – the rebirth. Macha, Tarvos, and Corbenik are phases of the cursed wave and Cubia really isn’t. The reason I choose to include the battle with Cubia is because Kite’s bracelet is shattered in the battle and has a substantial effect during the last battle.

Like the first dot hack segment, I record each of the battles which are spliced together. I have included many of the cinema sequences that define the phase battles and have also included the ending scenes, which include the game’s credits.

You will notice that the voices for a portion of the final ending cinema scene sounds a little distorted. This is not in the actual game but was caused by my processor having a fit during the recording. It is still perfectly fine to watch but understand that the voices will sound a little different.