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Earthbound Uncut - Ending with All Picture Opportunities Obtained

Air Date: November 4, 2017

In this run I complete the final league of the journey for Earthbound Uncut for the Super Nintendo. I start up my save spot in Saturn Town after obtaining the meteorite piece that is needed for the phase distorter 2. For those interested Ness is at level 90, Paula is at 88, Jeff is at 82, and Poo is at 79 at this point in the game. I take the time to showcase my current equipment, current statistics, and goods on hands. As you can see I choose to take some extra time to get poo the rare Sword of Kings from the Starmen Supers at the Stonehenge base. Lastly I showcase my stockpile of cash in the ATM which stands above 500,000.

At this point the first order of business is to give the meteorite piece to Dr. Andonuts and stay at the inn to give him time to complete the phase distorter. After double confirming that this is the point of no return, I use the phase distorter to go to the underground cavern. Here you will get sandstorm omega for poo from his master. This is also where I find Mr. Saturn and the crashed remains of the first phase distorter. If you search the remains you can get a horn of life.

If you go explore the edge of the nearby cliff and return, Andonuts arrives in the phase distorter 3 with the apple kid. You need to talk to both Andonuts and the apple kid to move the quest along. At this point Andonuts informs you Giygas is beyond time and you need to leave your bodies behind to pursue him further.

At this point you decide to go to the cave to the past, leaving your bodies behind. The cave itself is linear and your only concern is plowing through the army of enemies that stand between you and giygas. In general, every time I get into a fight with a last starman or ghost of starman and I do not get a preemptive attack; I have Paula cast psychic shield omega. The PP expenditure seems worth it because it reflects psi sandstorm spells back onto the enemy killing them in the process.

During my journey through the tunnel my characters increased a level before arriving at the end. I also took the time to get the legendary bat for ness on my way through.

Before entering Giygas’s lair I take the time to top off everyone’s HP and replenish Paula and Poo’s PP. I like to swap around some inventory encase the final battles go sour. Ness gets the replenisher items since he is the most likely to survive.

The first engagement is with both a subdued Giygas and heavily armored pokey. The idea here is to take out pokey to progress things along. I have Paula increase everyone’s defense and poo cast brain shock omega, because both bosses are susceptible. Jeff’s task is to fire multi bottle rockets at pokey. This leaves Ness as the primary healer and his main objects throughout this and upcoming battles is to keep Paula alive at all costs.

Pokey releases the fettered Giygas after taking some damage and retreats from the battlefield ushering in the second form of Giygas. In this battle I make sure that Poo keeps brain shock alpha on Giygas and normally have Jeff switch to casting defense showers when he runs out of bombs and rockets. Paula switches between buffing up the characters’ offense a little, to tossing bombs, and finally hitting Giygas with free magic. Freeze magic is my go to spell for Giygas because it has a decent chance of solidifying his body between rounds. Ness attacks with his bat when he is not healing. After dealing a decent amount of damage pokey will come out to taint you and bring you to the third round.

We make sure that Giygas is under the influence of brain shock off the bat and no one will physically attack anymore keeping him confused through the duration of the battle. At this point Ness always heals Paula, just encase she gets hit, Jeff defends after everyone’s defense is maxed out, and Paula prays every round. Most of the time Giygas will attack himself, get flash reflected with franklin badge, or miss altogether.

The first prayer will break Giygas to multiple faces with each consecutive prayer dealing increasing amounts of damage. The 7th prayer will break him into a frenzy when the battle enters the fourth round. The ninth time praying will put him away for good. I was able to take him down without anyone dying this time.

Afterwards I let the epilogue play. I choose to take Paula to my house after reading notes poo psi farewell to get some dialogue from my family. After taking her home I return to my home for ending credits where I get to see all of the picture opportunities play through at the end.