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Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem Ending

Air Date: June 12, 2011

I begin outside the final teleport device in the underground city. From here I proceed to summon my chosen ancient and engage Pious Augustus for the final battle. You will notice that you cannot do anything to Augustus without enchanting your weapon to an opposing color than Pious’s magic. In this case green ( Xel’lotath) opposes his blue(Ulyaoth) based magic. As soon as you standing blows your predecessors people who died and became statues in the hall of the Tome of Eternal Darkness will join the Pious ass kicking party. I think this is sweet because he screwed over each one and they get to join in the final battle.

After you break his rune and finally put Augustus away, you get to see the ending of the game. This is of course after your grandfather Edward Roivas’ ghost seals up the ancient you brought into this dimension by altering the encantation machine to the Bankorok rune. From here the credits roll after the ending.