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Final Fantasy 7 - North Cave, Jenova and Sephiroth Battles, and Ending

Air Date: January 15, 2011

In this walkthrough I beat the game using a very direct route. My final time was slightly over 38 hours of game play because I didn’t go after a lot of the extra side quests and stuff. My characters were only around level 60 going into the final dungeon but I felt this made the final battles a little more challenging.

I load my saved game which starts out on the highwind docked at the entrance to the North Cave. From here I battle my way down through the entire North Wind cavern expanse. You will note that I used the remove spell on the gargoyles because they always cast a LV 4 death spell which always took out Cloud who was at Level 60. I ran away from the Master Tonberry because it was inefficient to fight him at my current level and also the Dragon Zombies which appeared after I received the Pandora’s Box blue magic.

After my battle with Jenova and leveling up each character by three levels from her experience I enter the final battles with Sephiroth at around level 64 for my lead character. He was not too bad compared to the knock down dragged out fight with Sephiroth Safer. After my battles I show the ending and also the credits.