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Final Fantasy VIII - Battles with Ultimecia and Ending

Air Date: February 19, 2011

This video picks up at the final save point just outside of the Master Room in Ultimecia’s castle. Basically I enter the final battle with three chosen characters equipped for the final battle while leaving the others bare. During the first fight I intentionally defeat each of the weaker non-chosen characters and let them become absorbed into time so that the three outfitted characters are allowed into the battle. For some reason it always seems to I have to do away with all the other characters just to get to my good ones. After this task is completed I then progress to battle the final boss.

The first form is kind of a slow process because she is immune to physical attacks and you are left with just magic and summon spells to hurt her. After that your options really open up starting with the Griever GF summon. At this point I found the most efficient way of doing this is to utilize aura and keep sending multiple hitting limit breaks in her direction. I found that Squall and Zell were the best candidates for the limit break onslaught while Rinoa acted more as a support role during the battle. When she was not buffing the characters or healing she can let loose a volley of triple meteor spells.

After the epic battle I let the ending scenes play through and the credits role.