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Final Fantasy 9 - Final Battles and Ending

Air Date: February 17, 2013

In this video I pick up from the last possible save spot in the Crystal World. My final battle party consists of: Zidane which has the maxed out damage potential for this low cost thievery skill, due to my stealing frenzy throughout the game; Dagger, for her healing spells; Steiner, because of his Stock Break attack and overall effectiveness as a fighter; and Quina, since he had to be in my party the whole game to gain blue magic and the fact he kind of grew on mine with his effective recovery spells.

From here Kuja begins by sicking his dragon on me. In the battle with Deathguise I basically loot and abuse this boss with Quina's Magic Hammer spell, which basically renders his death spells useless. I personally found it amusing how the big bad dragon was tossing up "Magic too low to cast spell" messages.

Next on the list was the tranced Kuja who put up a decent fight. After my stealing frenzy left him empty handed I got down to business with the standard high damage attacks to put him away. The only time he got the upper hand in the battle was from back to back flare-star attacks. All in all he was pretty easy once you get the rhythm of the fight.

With the preliminaries out of the way, the final boss, Necron, made his appearance. Since the only items that he has for stealing are elixirs, I chose to just to go on the offensive. Before the fight I switched Zidane's equipped skills to exclude the bandit and master thief abilities. From here out the main strategy was to have Dagger cast Curaga on all part members unless she needs to use and ether to help out their magic. Quina adopted more of a support role casting Might Guard and auto life on key characters, with his Angel snack waiting in the wing to counter the possible effects of the grand cross attack. Steiner and Zidane were set to constantly cast thievery and Stock Break against the boss throughout the fight.

After a couple rounds Necron eats the dirt but not before taking out Steiner who succumbed to the doom status inflicted from the grand cross attack. I was going to revive him but the battle ended within the next couple of queued moves.

After this the ending plays through, including the optional scene with Beatrix and the Save the Queen being surrendered before she leaves the castle.