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Final fantasy Adventure Final Battles with Julius and Ending

Air Date: May 13, 2015

In this video, I complete Final Fantasy Adventure on my Super Game Boy. The game was a nice change of pace exploring the action adventure aspect to the RPG realm. My only grip about this game would be the cryptic place where you have to do a figure 8 around the trees in order to proceed. I got to farm some decent cash and experience at that point while muddling around trying to get past that point.

My character begins the final battle at level 62 and his final equipment consists Xcalibr, opal helmet, ice armor, dragon shield. I begin at the tree for the final battle and proceed up to meet the heroine, "Nina" and Julius. Julius now has the power of Mana in his possession and wants to create Neo Vandole. The fight begins on a tiled floor surrounded by marble and you have to contend with three clones of Julius who meander around during the fight. For this battles' multiple targets, I like using the sword attack where you fly across the screen in a straight line. It seems to land the blows and get the job done efficiently.

After you clear out the last of the clones he will immediately morph into a second form as a floating dragon to continue the struggle. This dragon likes to swoop down at you when it gets close and occasionally tosses a pair of lightning bolts down at you. He will float back and forth during the battle in a predictable pattern. You can coax him into swooping and easily cancel his lightning bolts with your sword attack. I like to dodge his bolts and then activate the sword attack while he is swooping, more times than none he will miss you entirely and you will score a couple hits. If you keep on landing blows he will eventually fall placing you back at the Mana tree.

After that you are back at the tree with Nina, the final form of Julius appears. This time he can teleport around at will but seems to have a loose pattern of spawning where he alternates sides and works his way from the top to the bottom. I move about to avoid the projectiles and let my Mana meter charge until he works his way to the lower portions of the screen, away from the tree. At this time, I unleash the flying sword attack which generally flies through him without harming my character hitting him twice. This move also cancels out any nuke fireballs he has coming at me at the same time, performing a bit of a defensive maneuver in the process. In the rare event he gets me cornered, I just swing wildly at him to land hits and abuse the cure spell as needed. Eventually he will fall and you will get the ending along with the credits.