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Final Fantasy Legend II - Final Battle with Arsenal and Ending

Air Date: April 13, 2014

This is a quick and dirty capture of the Gameboy game played using the Super Gameboy adapter on the super Nintendo. I start off my quest at the save spot right before you encounter the arsenal weapons with Isis in your party. I cycle through the various equipment and status for each character in my party for those who are interested. I completed the game with the standard party of a human male, mutant female, mutant male, and a robot. I made sure to have some cure spells for this fight equipped.

From my save spot I engage the arsenal with Isis breaking off to fight one by herself, leaving me to deal with the other of the pair. The battle itself has three separate phases which require some slight tactic alteration as the battle progresses. When the battle starts he uses his cannons, good to save high weapons for the smasher because it can do a lot of damage. As you battle the boss the cannons will slowly become inactive. The general form is to have the human use excalber, the mutant female using flare spells, mutant male using the psi gun, and the robot using his Vulcan, bazooka, and tank weapons. It is a good idea to run some cure spells through your party before the smasher comes out in the second phase because you will need all the HP you can get.

In the second phase he will use the single attack smasher before he launches the smasher. During this phase start pounding him with the slightly harder attacks switching the robot to tanks and utilizing the flare spells.

After some more damage the boss will enter into the final phase which involves launching the smasher. At this point you will want to accelerate the healing spells because the launched smasher hits everyone for a lot of damage each round. This is the time to bring out the glass sword and nuke bombs to ensure he falls before your party does. Keep up the tactics and he will eventually be destroyed netting you a victory.

As a neat little trick, seen in the video, if you use a nuke bomb as the final attack you will not see the arsenal disintegrate and instead see the frozen nuke cloud.

After the final battle the ending plays out with the credits and such.