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Final Fantasy Legend - Final Tower Ascension, Battles, and Ending

Air Date: April 19, 2013

This is the Gameboy version of the game captured using the SNES Super Gameboy attachment. In this video I complete the final leg of the journey up the tower beginning at the first world town, after your pitfall from defeating ashura the demon. My party consists of both male and female mutant and humans. The mutants currently the party leads because of their insane stats and large amount of HP. Before my trip back up the tower I take the time to buy some items, particularly some elixirs so that I can heal my human party members. The cure books work well on characters that have high mana stats, which the human members lack.

After this you go to the entrance of the tower and use any of your spheres to open the door. Once the door is open you will begin the long journey to the top of the tower fighting a stronger version of all the major bosses that you have previously fought throughout the game.

Basically you will meet Gen-Bu2 right when you enter which will be a pretty short fight with your advanced weapons. After he has perished you will start to see floors repeat themselves as you climb to the other bosses. The trick is to walk on the side of the conveyer that leads you up the tower and keep iterating through the same screens over and over until you arrive at the boss. You will encounter Sei-Ryu2, Byak-ko2, and Su-Zaku2 before reaching the final stretch of tower. Here you will find a very long conveyer that will take you the rest of the way up the tower and to the creator's domain.

The music will change here to a different tune and you will see a white floor that stretches in all directions from the staircase. I basically go north until I see the river and then begin walking to the left. Eventually you will see a bridge and the creator standing on the opposite side. Before approaching the bridge I make sure I have each of the party members with the top weapons on hand including, the Excalibur, Masamune, and glass swords. Also it is a good time to cure everyone up to their maximum HP because you cannot use cure items in battle it seems.

The creator has some pretty powerful attacks but the name of the game is to just pound away at him, hoping he dies before you do. I have never had an issue with this approach. I open with the N. Bomb and then begin hacking away with the swords. After a while he will split in half and you will win.