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Final Fantasy Tactics - Final Battles and Ending

Air Date: September 5, 2011

In this Video I pick up from the save spot at the Airship Graveyard underneath Murond. Here is the spot where you catch up to Alma as she is being prepared to be used to revive St. Ajora. In the first battle I defeat Vormav who uses the power of the Virgo zodiac stone to transform into Hashmalum. After the battle Hashmalum later sacrifices himself to finish the revival. The next two battles are against Altima and St. Ajora respectively.

As you can see in the battles my primary approach is to keep my lancers airborne and use calculator classes from a distance with both black and white mage skills. Generally you can find a parameter combination to allow the spell caster to hit your desired targets most of the time and the icing on the cake is the zero wait time to cast magic. Everyone is spread out in my party to minimize the bosses’ tendencies to utilize spells on groups of people. I like to have my holy knights rush the enemy and tag away at their HP with Night Sword attacks. This allows them to inflict decent damage and also revive their own HP at the same time.

After these battles I let the ending play through along with the credits.