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Grand Theft Auto 3 - Final Mission and Ending

Air Date: November 28, 2008

This is the final mission, the exchange, and ending for grand theft auto 3 for the playstation 2.

In the final mission you must settle things with Catalina who screwed you throughout the game from the very beginning where she left you for dead in the gutter. Basically Catalina has failed to kill you by shooting you (very beginning at the bank heist), trapping you in a pit of smack-induced crazy suicide bombers (kingdom Come Mission), hiring a series of death squads to take you out (Bait Mission), and now she is trying to lure you into a trap with Maria as a hostage (The Exchange Mission).

Your character must go to her drug mansion, disarm one of her guards (because you go unarmed), escape the complex, chase her chopper to the dam, kill her army of Colombian cartel members, avoid her aerial bombardments in order to shoot her down with a rocket launcher, and rescue Maria within 7 minutes for the final mission.