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Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories - Ending

Air Date: October 19, 2008

I complete the final mission, "The Sicilian Gambit" on grand theft auto liberty city stories. This shows the final mission, the ending, and the 20 minutes of credits. I include the whole entire credit sequence for those of you who like to hear the main theme song played over and over 13 times.

During the last mission you, Salvatore Leone has just been released from prison and has effectively wiped out all the other competing families in liberty city. Sal tells off the Sicilians when they call him to talk peace. Toni Cipriani and Sal decide to go to the mayor, O’donovan, to discuss having his charges dropped only to be abused by the sicilians on the way. They have already taken the mayor by the time you get there and you must give chase to the docks. After blowing up countless boats and helicopters with a minigun from a boat you arrive at the lighthouse for the final battle.

Massimo Torini is waiting at the top for you. Sal protects the mayor while Torini’s chopper flies around the light house shooting at you. Toni must blow up the chopper. I found that, while slow, the rocket launcher is a great weapon to put the helicopter at bay. It ends with a trip to the old country to talk peace now that you have won and then the credits roll.