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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories - Ending

Air Date: June 14, 2008

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is written as a prelude to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game despite the reverse chronology in creation dates. This segment shows a walkthrough of the “Last Stand” mission. Victor Vance gets an aerial assault vehicle from Diez’s mansion and flies it to the Mendez building in downtown.

After an extensive bombing session on the building he is shot down by a RPG. He must infiltrate the building, defeat a helicopter, and make his way to the roof. On the roof he gets to settle things with Mendez and Martinez. These are the two who are partly responsible for killing Louise (this is the woman Victor is referencing when he is talking with Diez at the beginning of this mission).

This final mission can be completed with a number of different weapons but my favorite is the magnum. You only need two shots to put away any guards in your way and a single shot will knock them to the ground. I tend to use this gun on most of the other grand theft auto game ending battles because of its power.