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Grandia - Ending

Air Date: October 12, 2012

The party member levels are as follows at the start of this video: Justin - 41, Feena - 38, Rapp - 38, and liete - 37. I begin from the save spot in Gaia core number 5. From there I climb the bubble chamber to battle General Baal in his four part form after he babbles some more about being the most evolved being alive. After a short fight of multiple target special move and spell spamming he goes down pretty easily. After the fight his remains catch a ride on a bubble to ascend to the next chamber of Gaia.

Following along, my party arrives at the Gaia core to engage the Gaia Core and the accompanying Mega Cores. In this battle I concentrate on the same tactics as before but adding some runner spells to up my party's movement. My party members were proficient with their movement canceling special attacks and were able to stay ahead of the enemy. In fact the only move the boss was able to get off was a multiply move, which introduced two additional targets to the battlefield. These didn't stick around long though cause of the constant onslaught of special moves. No damage was taken from the boss in this battle. The mega cores went down pretty quickly leaving the main Gaia core which had a hefty 9999 HP in tow. Liete finishes this round with a red shock move which shaves off the last couple hundred HP from the boss.

After the fight the final boss assumes control of the Gaia core turning it into another immediate battle with the evil Gaia. This boss has another 9999 HP to chisel away. The boss was able to perform three moves during the onslaught this time because of most of my special moves and magic being exhausted in the last battle.

These were not offensive moves and the only damage resulted in the poizin spell victims bleeding away a little of their HP. The other spell he managed to summon was a stram.

Because of the need to regenerate some special move points, I found myself performing combos on the boss, turning this into a melee confrontation instead of the ranged massacres from before. Occasionally I would put a runner spell on my party to keep their agility up. Ironically Feena learns her special move "end of the world" during the course of the last battle.

Once Evil Gaia falls the game is over and you must fulfill the Hero and icarian prophecy. The spirit chamber opens for your party and they must go forth to destroy the spirit stone. Justin strikes it with his sword and Gaia's shell crumbles undoing all of the things that had happened during the course of the adventure. The people who were turned to stone are now returned to flesh. Leen is resurrected and returns to Herr Mullen.

The credits roll next which leads into the epilogue portion of the game. This is 10 years later and sue is grown up. She walks to the dock with Puffy to welcome Justin and Feena, who now have five children. The five children chase down puffy while sue greets their parents who are exiting the ship.