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Legend of Legaia - Final Battle with Cort and Ending

Air Date: November 5, 2011

I begin at the final save spot inside of juggernaut who devours rim elm. From this save spot you enter the final battle with Cort who had fused with Juggernaut earlier in the game. This battle is pretty easy but I decided to buff up with all the stat increasing items that I have been hording throughout the game to decrease the battle by a couple of rounds. Basically I just heal using orb whenever I need to, because it is more cost effective because of its high level compared to the spoon seru, and keep the hyper arts coming.

Once Cort has fallen you get to see the ending of the game. I chose to select the “Thank the people who helped me” option at the end although the other choices will alter the ending slightly. After all of the credits I decided to show my ending stats which are not too bad considering this is my first time playing through the game.