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Parasite Eve 2 - Best Ending and Final Bosses on Normal Mode

Air Date: October 24, 2011

In this video I complete the game on normal mode and obtain the good ending. For those who are not aware of how to get the good ending you must complete several tasks at certain times throughout the game. A general thing to note is to save often because this gets you all of the necessary phone conversations to get your boss arrested and stay in touch with Pierce.

  1. The first item is to defeat the mammoth NPC boss in dry field before he has a chance to kill flint, which happens if the battle takes too long.
  2. The second place to watch out for is your chance to rescue Pierce from dry field which can easily be missed. Once you escape from the sterilization room trap and dispose of the garbage compactor room NPC you must work your way through the sewers to arrive back at the building area. At this point you can open the full moon gate to go back to dry field before going back into the shelter via elevator. Once in dry field you must rescue pierce from the water tower and give him three bags of ice to recover (I believe flint will lead you there).
  3. You must find the note left behind from Pierce on the phone in the control room to the right of the cocoon room once you escape from helping eve in the neo ark.
  4. Make sure you pick up the teddy bear from number 9’s bike as you make your way out of the parking garage area of the shelter before the marines storm the place.
  5. After that you need to talk to all the soldiers and get the item flint is carrying for you. You give flint the teddy bear to track down Pierce. On your way there you need to rescue the injured marine from the sterilization room (he gives you the MM1 later) and then rescue Pierce from the golem freezer. You need to talk with him a couple times until he doesn’t say anything new.

I begin from the sterilization save spot located just south of the cocoon room. Here, after some scenes with Eve, Kyle, and number 9 I defeat the large baby NMC and then battle with eve. For normal mode I decided to just make short work of the boss with the MM1 grenade launcher and blow off its head to get the core to open. I position myself in the middle altitude of the room so the only things I have to worry about are the attacks from the head and the core when it opens up.

After that boss is dead I like to move off of the central platform so I have some room to evade eve’s attacks. Granted I usually took hits and just plugged away with the grenades, but this gave me the opportunity to move out of the way should she try something nasty.

After this you get to see the good ending with the closing credits and epilogue.