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Resident Evil Director's Cut - Original Difficulty - Good Ending

Air Date: February 10, 2018

In this video I complete the final leg of the Resident Evil Directors Cut game on the PlayStation console. When I load my game from the memory card you are able to see that the text is white which indicated we are playing on the normal difficulty mode. Easy mode is green text. Chris starts out with the magnum and some first aid sprays in his inventory which is sufficient to deal with the final battles of the game.

The next step is to leave the save room and proceed to the elevator to the right and take the elevator to the newly unlocked basement 4. Rebecca catches up with you at this point and together you encounter Wesker in the basement outside of the laboratory. During the dialog he shoots Rebecca and forces you at gun point to enter the laboratory. Once inside Chris coaxes Wesker to release tyrant from the holding tank when he laughs at it calling it the “Ultimate failure”. Tyrant is released and cuts Wesker in half ushering in a battle with Chris.

The first thing you need to do is gain some distance from tyrant by running past tyrant and then circle around the parameter of the room. Once you have some distance you can now begin attacking him. Before you do so make sure you have your gun equipped since Chris put it away when dealing with Wesker. Now turn around toward Tyrant, easy if you have the auto targeting turned on, and shot him with two blasts from your gun to put him down.

Unlock door to leave lab where you meet up with Rebecca who appears to be unharmed and wants to activate triggering device to blow up lab. She does not take too long to get the job done either. As soon as you enter the room to the left of the save room, the trigger device sounds. Once you have control immediately fire your gun to kill a charging spider enemy. Run straight ahead and turn to the right and then bank back to the left to enter the left room on your way to get Jill, provided she didn’t die during the game in scenarios where you have to save her. There is a short run up the wall to the point where you have to enter all three codes to get into the prison.

After a scene you get Jill and run back into the lab. Once you get back to room with spider people, you can just dart straight for the stairs. No need to kill the one coming for you. Once up the stairs shoot three zombies with your magnum which takes one hit a piece. This brings us to the storage box near the entrance where you meet up with Jill. At this point, reload you gun for final battle but leave one empty space in your inventory for items needed on your way out, namely the battery and then the flares.

Go up the ladder and out the door, forward and to your left. Next run up the zigzag corridor and grab the battery to power up the elevator at the end of the hall. At this point the girls will stay behind to shoot the horde of monsters and the countdown timer begins the final three minute timer. They talk for 25 seconds and another ten seconds are eaten up during the elevator ride. Once you reach the surface turn right to get the flares. Walk out toward the helipad and position yourself for tyrant, launching a flare when you are ready to fight him, the spot shown in the video works best for me. When he appears, six shots from your magnum will usher in the scene where the rocket launcher gets dropped from helicopter. If you picked the right area he will not be able to hit you before you land those.

Once the rocket launcher lands evade and pick up the launcher, equip it from your inventory, and then fire away if tyrant isn't too close to you. Sometimes, if he is being an ass, you might want him to ram you to get the distance to lift the launcher to fire. Once you deliver the final blow the chopper lands and you get lifted away with the lab blowing up. If you saved both women, Jill sleeps on your shoulder and Rebecca rests on the opposing seat in the chopper. After the lengthy credits you get your final time, and any unlockables. My total time was 2:35:12 with five saves. The epilogue says "What a tough guy. You closed this case completely," indicating I obtained all of the evidence. If you wait a few moments the scene fades and you will see rocket being fired indicating you unlocked the rocket launcher. Then it says "you've got the special key" find closet. The Rocket launcher is given if the game is completed under 3 hours and closest key is for all the evidence gathered.