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Resident Evil Directors cut - Original Difficulty Second Run with Rocket Launcher and Costume Change

Air Date: March 18, 2018

This video was made as a sequel to my other Resident evil Directors Cut Run ( ) where I got the good ending with both Rebecca and Jill saved, all evidence collected, and unlocked the closet key and rocket launcher in single run. This run was mainly for fun to see how the zombie world deals with Chris in a leather Jacket and an infinite supply of rockets.

In general, the run was a bit easier, despite the fact I was drinking during this run and my character meandered a little from time to time. The Beretta and shotgun were made obsolete for the most part because of the rocket launcher’s power. The only places where you would need these would be in areas where the enemy is on the ground or hanging above you. The rocket launcher cannot be aimed up or down to deal with these threats. Also the handgun might be a good choice to handle faster moving enemies such as dogs. I normally shoot the dog once to get my character’s “eye” in and then switch to the rocket launcher as the dog gets back up. As I prepare myself for the final leg in this video you will also see that I choose to carry the magnum and the rocket launcher at the same time for the aforementioned reasons above. It was funny seeing Chris talk with Wesker with a launcher in tow.

In the lab battle, I run away from tyrant to get the necessary distance to raise the launcher and then one well aimed blasts takes him down in the first battle. The final battle is also a joke because all you need to do is set the flare and fire once at tyrant to destroy him. Having the rocket launcher negates having to wait for the helicopter to drop one for you. Place flare so when tyrant comes he will have some distance away from you when he appears. This gives Chris time to lift the heavy launcher and blast before he can even get close.