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Secret of Evermore - Final Battles in Omnitopia and Ending

Air Date: February 22, 2015

In this video I finish the Secret of evermore for the Super Nintendo loading a saved game from the professor's lab. From a leisurely play through my levels are at 36 for the hero and 35 for my trusted dog, named "Ball Sniffer".

Once the game loads I exit the lab by taking the warp tile to the right to back above ground. The goal is to get to the left here in order to get back to the beginning where there was a warping device in the underground which lacked an energy core. The first item is to destroy the cannons located above the adjoining corridors and this is a task for the dog, which can exist outside of the atmosphere. We go to the chute located just to the right of where we surfaced and dispatch two cannons directly to the left. Once that has been completed, return through the chute to join back up with the hero character. I keep control of the dog, because he can take more damage at this point in the game, and have both characters set to a defensive posture so they will not be diving into attack dangerous enemies, getting hurt themselves. With the dog charged up slowing cross to the left and destroy the spinning disks which bar your path. I generally let the disk bounce off of the dog and then immediately counter with the charged up blaster. This normally takes the enemy out quicker and will hit twice if you launch it correctly.

After you get all the way to the left I take the time to prep for the final battles which lie ahead, switching the artificial intelligence of my characters back to an offensive stance. Take the central shutter to get back underground and rush back to the left past the huge machines. Eventually you will head down and arrive back into the sewer area. The machine you need to reenergize is located in the lower left portion of the area but you will need to some weaving to get there. The tile is energized once you place the core in the machine and you are prompted to save your game if you wish to do so. Stepping on the tile takes to the isolated overworld room where the bosses are located. Take the central shutter passage at the middle of the room to begin the final battles.

In this final area you will need to battle raptors, Magmar, Spinning disks, and finally Carltron's Robot.

Carltron falls and I reach level 37 with Ball Sniffer following suite at level 36 upon victory. From this point I let the ending, credits and epilogue play through.