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7th Saga Final Battle with Gorsia and Ending (Kamil and Lux)

Air Date: July 26, 2016

In this video I polish off my Super Nintendo and play the seventh Saga cartridge. I load up my save file at Barluca village ready for the final journey to Gorfun Castle on the north eastern edge of the continent. For my initial party I choose Kamil and Lux and they are both at level 56 before arriving at the Castle. Since the enemies in the castle give me a run for my money I decided to go straight to the boss, sometimes utilizing doorways to reset the enemies on the map. This tactic seems to work well since it resets the enemies to a distance every time the scene refreshes, which allows you a couple more seconds of travel before any encounters.

Upon arriving at the final boss, Gorsia, I take time needed to use a bottle of protect on each of my characters to effectively double their defense. At this time, I begin the battle by utilizing the wizard rune which allows him to become visible. Then I follow suit with the Light Rune and water rune to allow the runes to take effect and halve his hit points. At this point I look to lower the damage I take before going offensive so Moon, Sky, and Wind are used before finally chopping his defense with the Star Rune. After the star rune I gave each of my characters a bottle of power to double their attacking battle in order to begin the attacking phase. At this point it becomes a strategy of keeping both characters hit points above a certain point so they could take a spell or two and dishing out some assault whenever possible. With only 2000 hit points remaining he falls pretty quick once my characters are able to connect a couple times.

After the battle the ending plays through along with the credits.