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The Battle of Olympus Final Battle with Hades and Ending

Air Date: November 30, 2015

This video picks up from a paused game near the end of the Temple of Hades. This was played on the original Nintendo entertainment system. I was surprised that I had gotten this far and decided to record the footage in the event that I completed the game. In this run I have collected all of the items, including all of the weapon upgrades and ambrosia.

I begin the video descending the final flight of stairs and walk past the captured heroine that was turned to stone during the story's events. In the final room I used Artemis's moon orb in order to call the moon. This allows you to see Hades location via the reflected shadow across the lake since he has dawned the cap of invisibility. For an offensive attack strategy I employ the same jump and stab tactic that worked well on the armored soldiers in Crete. The whole idea is that the enemy will be focused on defending allowing you to land a blow as you decend from the initial jump. Come to think about it this also worked well against the dark nuts in Zelda 2 the adventure of link. Once Hades has had enough damage he will become invisible making the remaining fight a little easier. Eventually he will fall from his wounds.

After the explosion and victory music starts to play, head back to the left in order to revive your heroine from her stone state. From here I let the ending play along with the credits. An interesting note is that the final sunrise scene along with the closing credits will repeat if you hit the B button anytime are it has completely risen in the sky.