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X-men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse (Normal Mode)

Air Date: February 14, 2010

This video shows the final battle with apocalypse and the games ending on Normal mode. During this mode I have collected and completed all of the danger room courses. I found all of the comic books, art work, tech stations, iron man armor, data disks, and homing beacons for each level (The last etch station is unearthed during my battle with Apocalypse). I have also unlocked all of the characters including Iron Man, Dead Pool, and Professor X.

If I had to give out an award for the worst game bug in a game I ever played it would have to go to this game. This bug was so bad and consistent that I thought I had received a bad copy of the game and had to call the tech support hotline. Basically the bug occurs, as dictated by the tech support person, if you have your hero stash box too full of items. Yeah, why even put it in the game if it causes glitches.

At any rate the game runs just fine if you DO NOT USE THE HERO STASH BOX. If you start filling this box up, you run the risk of having the game freeze during certain battles. Also having the box too full will sometimes make the music fade out and the game will stay like this eventually crashing if you bring up your sub menu or try to save the game. If you get to the save point with the game glitching do not save because it will save the game and then freeze and you will be left with a corrupted save file. If you get a corrupted save file on a memory card the damage can be curtailed by loading another memory card in a specific order to uncorrupt it but trust me it is involved and you do not want to do it.

Other than that, if you avoid the hero stash box and just sell off extra armor you should be fine.