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X-Men Legends - Asteroid M Battles and Ending

Air Date: January 31, 2010

In this video I complete the X-men legends game. I start out at the save point right before you get to the battle with magneto. I defeat Magneto and work my way to the bottom of asteroid M where I fight the Master mold and win the game. Apparently I also managed to collect all the danger room disks by the end of the game.

This game is entertaining to play but the one thing I will warn anyone about is that this title is extremely buggy and has a huge multitude of glitches, most of which are fatal. The only other game I played that had more glitches was the sequel x-men legends II rise of apocalypse. Basically a couple things I will warn you about are as follows:

When you first have access to the backyard of the x-mansion you have to be careful when walking up the central winding walkway from the pool to the backdoor of the x-mansion. There is a spot where your character can hope the small lip of the sidewalk and fall through the garden into an endless fall from where you will need to reset the game.

Another series of glitches occur when you are in the danger room. One particular instance happened when I needed to defend four computer terminals, I think, and my character feel through the floor to his death.

Another thing to note is not to fly away from the sentinel weapon platforms at the final area, endgame, of asteroid M. I had one instance where I was trying to fly away from the platform to regain some health and the game froze when it shot at me in mid-flight.