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Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht - Final battles in Proto Merkabah and Ending

Air Date: April 30, 2011

I begin this video from the final save spot next to the elevator in Proto Merkabah. You have to fight through four mandatory battles on the elevator before getting to the reactor. Luckily if you stay to the right of the corridor before the reactor you can avoid all four additional optional enemy battles most of the time, as demonstrated in the video. I choose not to build up my levels past the normal levels one would achieve by this point so my party starts out at level 39. Granted my characters gained a couple levels in the process this still made it a little more interesting.

I die once during the battle with Albedo because he slamed me with a critical fallen angel attack that nets more damage than Chaos has in total HP. Albedo seems to fall more quickly to physical based attacks (X button ). The exception in my party’s case was Chaos’s Angel Blow move.

Once Albedo is taken care of you have to fight against the reactor fused gnosis, Sophie Peithos. Ether based attacks work well against this boss, especially those which can hit all enemies at the same time like Shion’s Rain Blade or Chaos’s Angel Blow. This is especially helpful when the boss summons other enemies. You can focus on attacking the boss and still hit the subordinates with the final attack as a bonus. I also placed Kosmos in my attack group too because of her high HP and attack strength. She also comes with the X-buster attack which hits all the enemies within a single row, still very useful even though it doesn’t get the back row at the same time. The one thing to watch out for is the nasty back to back attacks that the boss does near the end of the battle when his HP gets low.

I generally find it useful to save my boosts for the occasion when he rattles off a dark omen and I need to heal everyone in a pinch. The final boss isn’t too much trouble as long as you can keep the critical slot from falling on your opponents turn and keep your hit points above 800 each. A lot of times I have Kosmos use her boost to capture this turn because her healing abilities aren’t as powerful as the other party members and the fact that the boss seems to be affected by her attacks the most. The critical bonus added to her attacks is also a great bonus.

After Sophie Peithos, I let the ending play through along with the post game credits.