Matthew Visyak's Domain

My Professional Summary

I am a designer, developer, and project leader with over eleven years of experience. I work on high-profile tasks to meet deadlines and I'm a strong advocate of teamwork, creative problem-solving, multitasking, and workforce development. My areas of expertise are developing workflow, RWD, accessibility, multimedia/print/web design, content strategy, research, and SEO.

Closing Thoughts

As the Webmaster of the School of Medicine, I have lead many projects to a successful completion and know what it means to manage others while actively engaged as a team player.  I believe that the success of a team is shared and it is the responsibility of a leader to assist their fellow team members with tasks when the need arises. 

From coding to design, I have had experience with a broad range of topics that constitute the web development skill family.  If there is a skill or solution which eludes me, I take it upon myself to discover it for a client and to enhance my education as well.  I am always on the lookout for a good puzzle in my daily activities and relish those moments where confusion leads to greater insight. 

If I am someone who fits your organizational structure and shares the same work ethic, I invite you to contact some of my references and also peruse my resume.