School of Medicine Redesign

This week I meet with several delegates from the school of medicine accomplishing the following:

New Administrative Section and Content Planning

Starting with my weekly meeting with the content branch of my team.  The Administrative Area of the School of Medicine was mapped out content wise. I diagrammed the contents of the section and placed those into logical areas. After meeting with Tara the changes were roughed into the design. From moving the formerly disjoint areas of the faculty handbook into the new layout we discovered that we no longer needed to have a faculty handbook and that the organization of the new administrative corner would be easily parsable. This upcoming week the items on the agenda will be tweaking the Administrative Section, establishing the landing page content, a new faculty section ( quick links helpful for faculty first timers), and a first look at the Academics section.  I plan to rough out some of the details to get her started on the content sections.  In the weeks to come we will also tackle the remaining areas such as unifying the history of the school of medicine into one place instead of across three separate sites. Other things on the agenda will be the branding of department level social media sites.

Student Services Content Project Begins

Tara and I meet with student services this past week to discuss the content of their websites.  This is actually the start of your second tier of the school's website redesign.  The first tier is the one I am directing, the redesign of the schools root level.  The second tier would be tackling the re4dsign/rebuilding of the major veins of the school – recruitment (our school recruitment and retention strategy), students services (continuing our main target audience), and the alumni website (third target audience).
During our meeting we were able to talk with the staff and give them pointers on how to begin the preemptive content redesign of their section.  I have orders in to set up a development site in kentico where they will be able to pursue the additive process of content pruning.  They will add sections from the site, rewriting them in the process, and making a whole new structure from the ground up.

Apply Now / Education Page Development

During the week I was able to meet with deans and chairs for the professional programs.  The purpose is to obtain the information I need for the application / education pages of the school redesign.  I was also able to meet with Katie from Continuing Education to get their input for the CE listing on the education page.  People don't apply to that service but we would be able to have them choose their focal points as the icon links under their entry.

Research Content

I contacted Dr. Minnear this week concerning content for the research and apply now graduate level degrees / programs.  He has agreed to help me since I am currently working with him to fix the content for his office's web presence and the GSO (Graduate student Organization).  The trick here is to repair the relationship, broken by the former dealing with my old supervisor, through a barter type of trade.

SoM Coding and Development

I applied some mobile tweaks to the website along with some minor IE fixes.  I also fixed a formatting bug on the one column template for the site. 

CE website

I was assigned to assist Katie with the events section of the continuing education website.  I was able to come up with a couple solutions to aid her with her audience.  I organized the events so they could be parsed by month, not just year, this way people could search without being bombarded.  Her second concern was the number of events that show up on the right which cannot be changed.  She indicated that people might not be able to find more events or know to go to the top navigation item.  She requested a button which would involve some light hacking on my part.  My solution was to create a simple styled link in the bottom of the content panel (which would be the default location in the events of no script.  Then with two lines of Jquery detach the element and add it under the right column parent element.  End Result.

Professional Development

I began the process of studying pseudo classes in CSS3 with the hopes that some of my smaller tasks could be completed without the use of javascript solutions.
Tim was able to help me establish an updated google map marker for the school of medicine's contact us page.

Training and Documentation

Since the Learning center is now defunct I find myself doing a lot of the learning center type of things.  I am training an editor with no previous coding experience how to construct and launch the Message of the Week publication.  Pursuant to this cause I took the time to create documentation on how to do the entire process and was able to test it out.  After a few tweaks I think the document is solid now and the teaching continues as she catches on.  I also took the time to train Tim Broadwater how to create the html email and the process, so that I would not have to come in on Tuesday when I am sick as a dog or launch it from home when I am off.
I also training Eric Dyson in the research office how to implement the forms feature of the CMS.  He has a bunch of old asp forms which could benefit from the new system.  I need to ask Casey about how those forms interact with Query strings and also if multiple people could have differing access to forms using the roles feature.

Run of the Mill duties

  • Webmaster correspondence
  • Updating news and storied for the school of medicine
  • Editor requests
  • Organizing my desktop (nothing else to do when the network goes down)
  • Video editing and production