Matthew Visyak's Domain

Professional Skills at a Glance

In the field of web development one always finds himself learning new skills as technology changes. Most of the skills listed below were gathered from autodydactically adapting to changes in technology, needs of my clients, and from general curiousity. This list will be constantly expanding as I progress in my career and any skills not yet learned will be added soon. I strongly believe "Necessity is the mother of all invention" sums this up nicely.

3rd Party

Chrome Developer, Google Analytics, Mozilla FireBug

CMS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), & Software

AC3D, Adobe Creative Suite, Bias Peak, GIMP, Kentico, Maya 3D Modeling, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Visual Studio, Rhino 3D, SOLE (Secure Online learning Environment), Umbraco, Virtual Dub


ASP, ASP.Net Framework, C/C++/C#, Command Line (emacs, joe, vi), CSS, CSS3, Flash, HTML 5, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Lingo, Media Queries (Responsive Techniques), MIPS Assembly, OpenGL, SASS­, UNIX / LINUX, Visual Basic