Matthew Visyak's Domain

Clay Sculpture

Clay and Ancient Forms

This was one of the first sculptures I created in ceramics class at Allegheny. The form was derived from a square piece of paper that we had to cut into pieces and then reassemble into a three dimensional form that would incorporate space and form in an interesting combination.

I wanted to explore geometry so my form retained a strong sense of symmetry. Once the paper form was created, I used it as a model and proceeded to create the same form out of clay. I modeled the first couple forms with the same symmetry as the model experimenting with both a smooth and a rough texture.

Iris Forms

Upon looking at the finished forms, I wanted to keep the same geometry but warp the flat surfaces of the clay into curved and rippled planes. I took the liberty to bend and curl the corners rather than retaining the flush contact point between adjacent planes. This transformed the temple-like structure into an organic plant. I chose to embrace the emerging floral qualities of the new clay form and accented the piece with glazes which would push the plant-like quality. The final form resembled an iris flower and was named as such.