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Actraiser - Professional Mode (Death Heim Battles)

Air Date: February 28, 2014

After completing the normal mode of Actraiser I decided to give the Professional Mode a try since I have not undertaken it before. I was curious as to what the main difference was and decided to start up a game. I was surprised that this mode only consisted of the action segments and your character appeared to have his full health bar right from the start. Furthermore, I discovered the damage taken was doubled from enemies and there was no magic available, leaving your character to fend for himself using only the sword. The one hit enemies received an upgrade so they will need two hits to put them away, while the other enemies with multiple hits seemed to stay the same. In stages where you would normally get extra magic scrolls there were bombs obtained instead. They even took away the ability to fire your sword before the dragon boss in the first Aitos stage.

Anyway I quickly found how much I loved magic and how easy it made some of the more troublesome bosses but preserved onward through the stages. Since most of these levels were fresh in my mind, it was surprisingly easy compared to my preconceptions. After a while of pushing along through the stages I suddenly found myself at Death heim for the first time and with 13 extra lives to spare. It is at this point where the video picks up because I decided to record the footage just encase I was able to complete this on my first run.

As it turns out the bosses weren't too bad once you got the pattern down and I arrived at Tanzra with my score already maxed out. Ironically I thought he would be the worst of all, but I guess my original tactic was good enough to plow through him with minimal effort. I let the professional mode ending play through it its abridged version. I was wondering how they would have laid out the world's landscape when you character had no simulation interaction at all.

Perhaps at a later date I might provide a complete long play of the professional mode.