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Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - - Battle With Dover (50th Floor Kokon Horay)

Air Date: September 13, 2008

In the Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter game you can expand and develop a fairy colony as a side quest. Once you excavate all of the available land the ants will discover a buried dungeon near the bottom of the map. You will have the option to explore this dungeon at your own risk – the fairies offer to recover your corpse should you fail. How nice of them.

At the bottom of the dungeon at -2000 meters below the surface or floor 50th you will fight the boss of the dungeon called Dover. He is often referred to as the anti-dragon because your dragonized wyrm form doesn’t injure him too much. This video is the battle with Dover on the 50th floor of the dungeon.

The technique for a quick victory is to have your character start off by striking him just once with the dragon form. This will reset any resistance to attacks that he might have gathered from round to round. Then Revert to your normal form and wail away with combo attacks. Then you repeat the process for the next round.

If you notice this is the same tactic that can be used against Bosch at the end of the game except he doesn’t nullify your dragonized attacks past the first hit he takes like Dover will do.