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Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter - Completed Without Any Retries or Continues

Air Date: August 31, 2008

This video shows the final battles of Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter for the playstation 2. I completed the game on my first try without utilizing the start over or give up functions. This is illustrated by the number of retries, which read as zero, that you see on my saved game while I am loading it. You can aslo see my D-ratio is at 1/8096.

The footage I record shows everything that happens after the last possible save point at the “-380m Cemetery” location. This includes the beginning montage of the game, my battle with Elyon, the two battles with Bosch (normal and dragon form), the final battle with Chertyre, and the ending of the game.

This game met with many varying reviews, but I like the extra challenge and strategic elements found in the gameplay. I also love the replay value provided by increasing your D-ratio at the end of each game and carrying over the items to a new game. As your D-ratio increases you can open new areas and see new cinema scenes provided by the games “Scene Overlay” system.