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Castlevania Curse of Darkness - Ending with complete bestiary (Crazy Mode)

Air Date: September 7, 2009

I complete the game on crazy mode. In this mode I obtain 100% map completion, all weapons/armor created and also a complete bestiary. In crazy mode you can steal and get the stats for every enemy except for the Crazy Armor which is fought before you have the “steal” ability. Because of this the complete bestiary has to wait until you complete the game and enter the post game boss rush mode.

In this video I show the final battles with Dracula and the ending on crazy mode. Then I complete a run of the boss rush mode after the post game where I steal the final item from crazy Armor completing the bestiary.

I apologize for the boring sections where I am flipping through each entry in my bestiary (twice) during the video but this was necessary to show the maxed bestiary during the game and also the completed bestiary after the last item was obtained.

I decided to keep recording as I finished the boss rush mode, stealing from almost all of the bosses. The only one I missed was Saint Germain because he killed my mage summon monster. (For those who don’t know you have to freeze time exactly when he freezes time to get the steal window to open up. )