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Castlevania Curse of Darkness - Trevor Boss Rush Mode

Air Date: August 23, 2009

I play through a round of the Boss rush mode on Trevor Mode. Basically it is all about brute force with Trevor. I found that the following whip types work well against the bosses. In most cases the bosses have a weakness but in case where they don’t I just used the whip with the strongest attack power, which is the square tip.

Boss Trevor Mode Whip Weakness
Crazy armor lightning whip
Wyvern square tip
(1st and 2nd fights)
holy whip
Skeleton diver flame whip
Minotaurus wind whip
(1st and 2nd fights)
ice whip
Dullahan holy whip
Death square tip
(although the “Holy Power” boomerang attack works well too)
Legion holy whip
(although axes work the best)
Nuculais abyss whip
Dracula 1st form holy whip
Dracula Second form square tip