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Castlevania Lament of Innocence - Completed on Crazy Mode

Air Date: November 2, 2008

I complete the entire game (100% map completion and all major boss) on crazy mode. I show the map screen before my final battle and it shows 99.6% but the room with the final battle is the extra 0.4% of the map.

This mode is accessible after you beat the game on normal mode and comes into play when you name your player @crazy.

Crazy mode cuts all of your character’s original stats and places the bosses found in the later stages right at the beginning. Even the major bosses have different attacks they unleash – death has a nasty new nuke attack besides the “deadly tempest” and the “forgotten one” in the basement will nuke the screen even if you don’t have a bolder on the screen to hide from the blast. As a special bonus for beating this mode the mobius ring become available at the item shop for the starting price of 200,000 pieces of gold.

A couple of hints for players wanting to try this mode:

  1. Magical tickets and memory tickets are your friends. If you are deep inside a dungeon and out of items use the magical ticket to escape to get more items and then use the memory ticket to return to the last save point. This way you can be strategic with your save points.
  2. Another trick is to kill the hanged man enemies until one drops a lucky coin. Equip that as well as the raccoon charm and anything else you get to raise your luck. This way you are more likely to have enemies drop items such as health replenishments.
  3. If you have cleared out a room already chances are that they will not trap you in the room to fight all the enemies on a return trip to the room. Don’t fight battles that are just resource intensive, especially with flying monsters with a lot of hit point, just jump over them and run to the exit of the room.
  4. Don’t forget about the locations of large amounts of enemies that drop things frequently. For example in the garden forgotten by time there is a room where the second wave of enemies are a whole bunch of flea men. If you go back with a high level of luck they will drop heart repairs as well as tomato juice.
  5. If things start getting tough with boss battles just go to another area and uncover as much of the map as possible so you can unlock better armor for sale at Rinaldo’s place. The amount of armor available is tied to the amount of map completed.
  6. Find an effective whip attack combo that produces great damage and become proficient with its execution. I personally like the “x-button”, “x-button”, “x-button”, and then “square-button” attack you get three hits then two large hits and your character moves toward them for the final hit.