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Castlevania Lament of Innocence - Pumpkin Mode 100% Map Completion

Air Date: September 15, 2014

This is another postgame mode accessed after beating the game on Joachim mode when the appropriate password is unlocked. Once this happens you will be able to access this mode with the @pumpkin name entry. I begin at the same final save spot in the castle, right before you fight Walter. I have the whip and white bishop relic equipped. I used the pumpkin bomb attack coupled with the purple orb which allows for homing pumpkins as my secondary weapon attack for the final confrontation. The map shows I am at 99.6 percent because the last 0.4 is obtained in the final room of the castle with the end bosses.

Of all the extra modes I think Pumpkin's was the easiest mode because of his strength and with the exception of being able to heal it seemed like a refreshing walk in the park in terms of challenge. The homing pumpkin bombs have a stunning type of attack to keep Walter in one place as I close the distance for close range stronger whip attacks. Using this tactic I launched pumpkin homing bombs when he first appears and then work away at his life bar with the stronger whip combos. The pumpkin bombs allowed for me to have time to see his attack since pumpkin is slow and to counter any ranged strikes. This strategy also has the added advantage of showing you where Walter materializes which can be difficult because of the odd camera angles. As for the whip combo, I primarily use the x x o button combination to utilize the same whip drill attack that I used for the normal Leon play through. In cases where I am quick to gain the advantage on the enemy and I am feeling lucky I like to score extra damage with the snapback attack, x x x o combination. Walter doesn't last long with the strength of Pumpkins attacks.

Once the intermission plays after Walters fall, death enters the stage as the second final boss. For Death I opted for the close range combat because the whips power is the best attribute of pumpkin and because deaths close range attacks are easier to dodge if you lock him into a pattern. I launched the pumpkin homing bombs at beginning to score a couple free hits before I got into range. Once in range, I just slammed away with the whip side step dodging his attacks. I was hoping for predictable attacks such as the scythe swipe or the scythe throw, for these are easy to trigger and dodge. In the instance where he summons his minions, Pumpkin can get a couple attack sequences in before you have to worry. The white bishop came on when I was far away and a ranged attack from Death got too close for comfort. The only thing you really have to worry about is the ranging tempest attack when he is nearing defeat. For this move you just basically jump over the raging tempest's attacks trying to stay airborne to clear the two shockwaves, timing is everything.

The ending sequence show some of pumpkin's quest photos: being enchanted by old man, attacking Walter in battle, and walking away with a bowl of candy. After the end appears they do not give you another mode passkey so I assume this was the last one. I save and then load to show the 100% completion save file.