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Dark Cloud 2 - Final Ending Lowest Stats Challenge (Chapter 8 Zelmite Mines)

Air Date: January 24, 2009

I beat dark cloud 2 for the playstation 2 (Chapter 8) with the:

I completed the optional Chapter 8 Zelmite Mines in dark cloud 2 for the playstation 2 with the lowest Defense, Hit Points, Monster Badges, Monster levels, and the least number of inventions. This means that I played through Chapter 8 Zelmite Mines, defeating the Dark Genie, without using any potato pies, fruit of eden, or Witch Parfaits. Max has his starting stats ( Def: 04 HP: 32 ) and Monica has her beginning stats (Def: 08 HP: 48) at the end of the game. I only have one Monster badge, The Himarra, because you need this to get the sundrop (a quest item) for chapter 2. The Himarra is still at level 1. I only invented the two mandatory items in the game which are the aquarium (You need this to electrify a fish for Shingala in Chapter 4) and the Energy pack (This is required to complete the Ridepod in chapter 1).

The only weapons and items that I have for Steve the Ridepod were purchased or obtained through georama completion. This limits the Ridepod from having the highest armor and weapons, adding to the challenge.

This video shows the final battle with the Dark Genie found in the depths of the Zelmite Mines and the second (final) ending of the game.

For those who are interested: Max has a supernova gun and monica has the Love armlet for the final battle. I really didn’t use the melee weapons too much so Max has a smash wrench and Monica has her original long sword.