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Dragon Quest 8 Journey of the Cursed King - Maxed Skills, Complete Bestiary, Complete Inventory Items, All alchemy Recipes learned, and all the monster arena battles completed.

Air Date: July 11, 2009

I defeat Rhapthorne for the second time during the game. This is the second, happier, ending of the game. I completed the battles in the monster arena all the way through rank S. I took the time to gather all the items in the game along with defeating all of the enemies for the complete bestiary. I also undertook the task of maxing out the character’s skills by farming seeds of skill from the dragovian trial battles. Yangus was able to steal at a pretty good rate and I was able to get on average 5 to 7 seeds of skill for each seven dragon battle I had with him.

I also created all of the alchemy recipes which took forever to get some of the rare drops from certain enemies. I would advise that no one try to complete this unless you have divine patience. Getting orichalcum and slime crowns (dragovian path location) was a headache, however, trying to get a rare drop gold nugget from that democrobot (heavenly dias location) was insane even with Yangus trying to steal every turn of every encounter.

Perhaps at a later date I might revisit this challenge and try to farm enough seeds to max out the individual stats of each character. Most of those are rare drops too (1/256).

The most satisfying part of this task was owning Rhapthorne with my party’s god-like stats without evening having to heal once during the battle.